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semi-automatic solid fuel boiler

Introducing the Italian semi-automatic solid fuel boiler FACI SAF!
FACI SAF - is the optimal solution for today's heating problems: 

  • as for owners of small rooms from 100 sq.m., which are used to be heated by traditional fuels - wood and coal;  
  • and for large commercial and industrial objects, where the main criterion is economy, and there is a possibility of periodic presence of staff in the boiler room.   

Boilers of this series are produced with power from 26 to 1000 kW.

Admittedly, at FACI we are all a bit perfectionists and always strive for the ideal ratio of price and quality.

And we think that in this case we managed to get as close to this as possible.

This boiler successfully combines in itself:

1. Тhe traditional functions of semi-automatic boilers, to which we are all accustomed

But still we have tried to make them a little more convenient for you, namely:

  • huge loading chamber for fuel, so that you go to the boiler as rarely as possible;

  • The horizontal flame tube heat exchanger, located directly above the main combustion zone, so that the flue gases can stay in the heat exchanger as long as possible and transfer maximum heat - thanks to this solution, the efficiency of the boilers reaches 85%.

2. FACI engineers' innovative implementations in terms of increased automation and comfort

The following is now available to you:

  • Boiler output control depending on the weather outside, time of day or your preferences;
  • Boiler operation according to the set temperature of the coolant;
  • Air control from the boiler control panel;
  • automatic protection against overheating of the coolant.

3. As well as a stylish look from Italian industrial designers

FACi has always stood out for its unique, ergonomic, austere design and makes you want to put it in your living room. Working with it is a pleasure.

See for yourself - order a boiler until the end of December at a discounted price and the New Year forget about problems with heating!

Advantages of FACI SAF boilers:

Power control (fan control)

Simple, comfortable and smooth control of the boiler output by means of a rotary knob to regulate the airflow intensity

Operating the boiler has become as easy as operating a gas stove.

The boiler control system is designed so that even a child can handle it. The boiler does not require any pre-commissioning by a specialist. You can easily control the boiler output by means of the knob for controlling the intensity of air flow into the combustion chamber. This way you can choose whether you want the boiler to work at full output to heat the room faster or just leave it in the mode of maintaining the set temperature.

Auto ignition

FACI SAF is equipped with a convenient auto ignition function. The boiler automatically ignites (if it is not in operation) if the temperature of the heating medium drops below the set temperature of the heating medium. This function is convenient in country gardens and summer houses at the beginning of the season.


For the first time for this kind of boilers the possibility of setting the Auto ignition is realized!

With the "Autolighter" function, the boiler will automatically start if the temperature of the coolant drops below the set temperature.

An excellent solution for country houses.

Now your boiler can ignite itself, say, in the morning, while you sleep.


Full combustion of fuel

Thanks to a program of algorithms, the original boiler automation ensures complete fuel combustion and provides an efficiency up to 85%.

FACI SAF for home and industry