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100 000
boilers sold
The quality and reliability of FACI boilers has been tested by time and a huge number of consumers from different countries around the world

FACI is globally renowned

FACI is presented in all European countries and has representative offices
in the Czech Republic, Germany, Finland, Norway, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc.

60 years of experience
in boiler development

FACI was founded to produce biofuel boilers in Italy in 1961,  Spoltore. Its founder Rocco Matricciani designed the boilers and received the "Patent for Industrial Invention" from the Italian Ministry of Industry and Commerce.
Over more than half a century of history the company has improved the design of its products, seeking to improve their efficiency, quality and durability.
For three generations we have been producing reliable and technologically advanced boilers. We have always paid special attention to the sustainable development of the energy sector. This has prompted us to invest in new forms of energy production. They are all derived from renewable sources, both at home and in industry. This requires constant research and experimentation, especially with biomass combustion. This has made it possible to create highly functional products, as well as simplicity and efficiency.
Company founder and inventor Rocco Matricciani
Today FACI has a leading position, both in Italy and throughout Europe. The company is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards. These standards regulate the quality requirements at all stages of production, from design, assembly,
to sales and service. The company has also won numerous awards, patents and quality certificates from Europe's leading testing, inspection and certification bodies.
All these decades the company specializes in the production of heating boilers that use different organic fuels.

Smartphone boilers

The new system provides you with a hight level of comfort and ease of operation. The system provides access to all settings of FACI equipment both with the touch panel and with the universal application for IOS and Android smartphones.

  • Intellectual control system
  • Weather control
  • Season settings
  • "Fuel quality" control
  • Auto Cleaning function
  • And much more
Find out more about control system
Smartphone boilers<br />

The company
annually participates
at the international fairs
in Italy

FACI products are presented each year at the "Progetto Fuoco" in Verona, one of the most important international fairs for wood energy and heat production!

The company has been given special attention by experts and has received many awards and medals for its achievements in the research and
and production of renewable energies.

The FACI boilers are:

The boiler design, which has proven itself to be
as the most reliable in Europe
The FACI boilers are:
The authentic
control system
All the boilers are equipped with the Italian boiler control system, which works without faults and errors
heat-resistant case
The body of the boiler is not heated, so it is absolutely safe for small children and animals
Excellent quality
welding and assembly
The series boilers are manufactured by means of robotized welding complexes, which improves the quality of welding and boiler assembly
High efficiency - 93%
The design of the boilers is constantly being improved by Italian heat engineering specialists
The safest
fuel supply system

The double-screw, double-reducer fuel feeder is the safest, time-tested and European-compliant fire-safety system for private homes, unlike other fuel feeders.

The unique algorithm of twin-screw - double reduction feeder operation developed by FACI makes it possible to avoid hopper burning.

Retort cast iron pixel burner

The retort pixel burner is the only burner in the world with the ability to partially replace pixels when the burner burns out. This feature significantly reduces the cost to the consumer to repair the boiler.

Cylindrical heat exchanger

Italian specialists-thermal engineers developed the ideal shape of the heat exchanger, which provides the highest possible heat transfer to the heat transfer medium, because the flame during combustion covers (flows) a cylindrical heat exchanger. Due to this we achieve the highest efficiency - 93 percent and save the customer's fuel. The design of our heat exchanger is unique and has no corners, and it is the corners that burn in the first place and reduce the life of the boiler.

FACI boilers use environmentally friendly raw materials

Our boilers are designed for any fuel - pellets, coal, wood chips and biomass (wood, husks, corn and more). The carbon dioxide produced by combustion is equivalent to that absorbed by the atmosphere during plant growth, which is now returned into the environment; hence the final balance of emissions is zero. A biomass plant significantly reduces carbon dioxide and fine dust emissions and makes you independent of fossil fuels.
Pellets Pellets
Wood chips Wood chips
Wood Wood

Additional options
for FACI boilers

FACI also offers a number of additional options
that will make servicing and maintenance of the boiler much easier.
Enlarged hopper
up to 2000 liters
GSM module
auto ignition
Vibro hopper for chips
and biomass up to 8 000 liters
Automatic screw
flame tube cleaning
ash removal
5 reasons
to install
FACI boilers
Pellet boilers - analogue of gas and electric heating with budget savings up to 3 times
All boilers pass the two-stage output quality control at specialized testing facilities
All boilers are equipped with the Italian boiler control system, operating without faults and errors
Thanks to the special structure of the boilers, the safety of your premises is not threatened
Acceptable price
Our boilers are the best value for money on the market
The choice is yours! But remember - the pleasure of good quality lasts longer than the low price!


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