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Automatic boiler FACI GT

Full control of all functions
of the boiler from your smartphone
Modern control system from a smartphone
The safest fuel system
Heat resistant safety casing
High efficiency of 93%
Touch control system
Smart Boiler
Unique self-cleaning burner
Clean and safe
Use pellets of any sort
  • Heat output capacity10-40 kW
  • Hopper capacity300 l
  • Fuelpellets
  • Boiler dimensions DxHxV, mm710х1220х1550
  • Chimney diameter159 mm
  • Weight280 kg
Fuel Usage:
Choose a configuration:
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Scope of supply:
Boiler cleaning with lever
Auto ignition
GSM module
Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet module
Smartphone control
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FACI GT is an innovative new boiler of extended automation and increased comfort.

The design of the boiler is made so that it will anchor the interior of your boiler room, which will gain modern features in the loft or even high-tech - the boiler room will no longer be a utility room, but will become a cozy place of attraction for all residents of the house.



You won't have to deal with complicated installation and commissioning of boiler equipment! GT comes already set up - unpack the boiler, plug it in, press the button and that's it! Full automation!

Streamlined metal body


The body of the boiler, painted in the traditional FACI colors since 1961, hides inside a powerful automatic unit for heating your home.

Touch control system


A high level of automation is achieved through the new touch screen control system. The display has an intuitive touch screen interface, where all algorithms are carefully verified and tested.

The largest fuel hopper in the segment of these boilers


GT (from Italian Gran Turismo, translit. in Russian Gran Turismo - great journey) does not require your constant presence. Autonomy on one load of the bunker is enough for at least a whole week of warmth and comfort.

The air supply system, which provides maximum afterburning of fuel, ensures a long period of uninterrupted operation.

Unique self-cleaning burner


The self-cleaning burner and mechanical cleaning of the heat exchanger flame tubes requires no extinguishing to open the boiler and no manual cleaning. You or your loved ones, by pressing a lever located outside, without opening the boiler and without extinguishing the burner, actuate the mechanism that cleans the flame tubes, pour fuel into the hopper and the boiler continues to operate. All without any unnecessary complicated devices. We do not use automation where automation gives way to reliability.

Large ash drawer


The boiler has a wide range of power regulation from 8 to 40 kW. You can heat hot water in the summer, and meet a frosty winter in -40 with the same boiler, which simply adds power.


Boiler control system from a smartphone


Now you can safely travel and not worry about the house at any time of the year, and the latest software on your mobile devices will always tell you the status of the boiler.


Multi-pass heat exchanger


The body of the boiler is completely water-filled, and the multi-pass heat exchanger allows you to give you up to 95% of all the heat that the fuel provides.

A FACI boiler is not messy, complicated or flammable. And the boiler room is no longer a pantry or draft room.


Don't buy a boiler until you've seen a FACI GT.

Boiler description

The FACI boilers are:

The boiler design, which has proven itself to be
as the most reliable in Europe
The FACI boilers are:
The authentic
control system
All the boilers are equipped with the Italian boiler control system, which works without faults and errors
heat-resistant case
The body of the boiler is not heated, so it is absolutely safe for small children and animals
Excellent quality
welding and assembly
The series boilers are manufactured by means of robotized welding complexes, which improves the quality of welding and boiler assembly
High efficiency - 93%
The design of the boilers is constantly being improved by Italian heat engineering specialists
Use different types of fuel
FACI pellet boilers can use different types of fuel. The boilers allow to use pellets of any quality. In addition, it is possible to use wood as a reserve fuel.
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