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Introducing our latest development -FACI boiler control system!

The new system provides you with an unprecedented level of comfort and ease of operation. The system provides access to all settings of FACI equipment both via the touch panel and via universal application for IOS and Android smartphones.

Intelligent system
FACI control

Our intuitive control system allows you to set every function of the boiler with a simple touch of the touch panel. The boiler control system is perfectly russified. All settings are clear and take into account the peculiarities of operation of the equipment.

weather dependent
The "Temperature Schedule" mode will help to regulate the heat supply automatically. Simply set the desired fluid temperature based on the outdoor temperature. The control system will monitor and adjust the operation of the boiler automatically.
from your smartphone

A complete control system on your smartphone screen! Unlike many competitors, our smartphone app not only allows you to view data on the boiler processes, but also to control them remotely! Now you can set the temperature from anywhere in the world, switch climate modes on and off, switch options such as auto-cleaning, ash removal, auto-ignition. In addition, in areas where there is no internet signal, you will be able to control a number of functions of the boiler via SMS (GSM).

"Time of a year"

The Smart Boiler will automatically change the operating mode depending on the time of year. 

There are two main modes of operation "winter" and "summer":

  • In Winter mode - the boiler monitors both DHW and heating, which allows you to quickly heat hot water without losing heat in the house itself,
  • in Summer mode the boiler monitors only DHW, providing the boiler with hot water without raising the temperature in the rooms.

It is a mode of boiler operation in automatic mode according to the set schedule with the possibility to set the heating parameters separately for each time interval. For each day of the week it is possible to set 5 intervals during which the boiler will be on.

"Fuel Quality"
The adjustment of the boiler to a new batch of fuel can be time consuming. With our boiler, you only need to set the correction factor - the automation itself makes the necessary changes to the boiler settings!
Setting the power steps allows the most efficient use of fuel. At a given moment of time your power will work - giving the amount of heat that is needed right now and not a kilowatt more. This means that only the amount of fuel that is needed right now and not a gram more will be used!
Features of the “Power Steps” function:
Features of the “Power Steps” function:
Adjusting the power required
Features of the “Power Steps” function:
Combined operation with Chrono mode
Features of the “Power Steps” function:
Minimum power generation at night and on weekends
Features of the “Power Steps” function:
Assigning each power to its own fuel
ash removal

Maximum convenience! Just fill up the pellets and the smart automation never forgets to clean the boiler! Bottom ash removal system cleans the furnace for you automatically - just set the frequency of operation of the mechanism, taking into account the characteristics of your fuel, the rest will do itself! Clean, convenient, comfortable!

"Auto Clean"

The "Auto Clean" function cleans the heat exchanger for you! How often you need cleaning depends on the fuel you use. You can set the frequency of the cleaning procedure in the "Auto Clean" section.

Important functions!

In this section you can manage such important settings as autostart - allows you to activate the automatic start function of the boiler after it is turned off due to loss of power; also here are settings for setting the date and time and indication of a cell phone number to control the boiler via SMS.

Clean boiler -
clean economy!
The three-way valve control prevents condensation and tar formation in the furnace and heat exchanger and also contributes to the rapid heating of the boiler, which increases its efficiency, leaving the boiler always clean and efficient.
Install the app
on your smartphone

The home heating control app is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

Download the FACi SMART app to your smartphone:

Our new control system is:
Our new control system:
Our new control system:
Our new control system:
A new level of comfort
Our new control system:
Full control
Our new control system:
Freedom of travel

Find out more about our incredible control system, technology and innovations in comfort, as well as possible boiler equipment configurations!

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