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Coal boiler FACI BLACK 215

Full control of all functions
of the boiler from your smartphonen>
Connection and start-up of the boiler in a short time
Fuel hopper from 500 liters
Removable burner
Operation on coal up to 5 cm
Efficiency up to 93% thanks to a perfect heat exchanger
White heating
Sensor control
Use pellets of any sort
  • Heat output capacity215 kW
  • Hopper capacity500 l
  • FuelCoal fraction up to 50 mm
  • Boiler dimensions with side hopper LxWхH1600х2170х2200 mm
  • Boiler dimensions with the rear location of the hopper LxWhD2620х1390х2200 mm
  • Chimney diameter250 mm
  • Weight920 kg
Fuel Usage:
Choose a configuration:
Scope of supply:
Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet module
Smartphone control
Supply time up to 10 days
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Scope of supply:
GSM module
Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet module
Smartphone control
Supply time up to 10 days
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Scope of supply:
GSM module
Auto-cleaning of the heat exchanger
Smoke aspirator ( smoke suction)
Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet module
Smartphone control
Bottom ash removal
Supply time up to 10 days
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Italian coal boiler

Italian coal boiler

We present to your attention an automatic coal boiler FACI BLACK!

The main task of the boiler is not only to provide you with heat and DHW, but also to provide your life with maximum comfort.

Together with FACI BLACK you will forget about dirt and dust, because we have learned to heat with coal in a clean way and called it #whiteheating.

And, of course, the latest development of the FACI team is a color touch screen control panel. The new design of design, simple and easy operation, high functionality of the controller allows you to implement all the functions required for a modern boiler.

Unique burner and the largest ash drawer in the segment

Italian group of FACI engineers developed a unique burner for coal boilers with maximum combustion efficiency even of low quality coal.

The burner is made of heat-resistant steel and can withstand temperatures up to 1300 C. The so called corns easily collide with the newly supplied fuel. If necessary, the burner can be easily removed and put back on.

Trajectory of air supply and movement in the combustion zone has no analogues on the market and is the pride of FACI plant.

Coal burners FACI c unique system of air has perfectly proven itself among European consumers and are rightly considered the most popular coal burners in the European and Russian market for coal boilers.

The boiler is equipped with the biggest ash drawer in the segment. The drawer itself has convenient handles and is made of thick metal, which excludes its deformation when hot ash falls.

Cylindrical heat exchanger

Horizontal heat exchangers - the hallmark of FACI boilers. The design of the boilers is such that the flue gases from the burned fuel pass many times around the cylindrical heat exchangers.

This allows the maximum heat removal from the flue gases and achieve an efficiency of more than 93%.

Fuel supply and Bunker

The operation of the boiler is maximally reduced to simplicity and convenience. The boiler hopper can hold at least 400 kg of coal, and the geometry of the hopper is designed so that the coal does not hang in it.

The two-layer reinforced spiral auger, together with a motor reducer of increased power, delivers coal fractions up to 50 mm. into the burner, and is able to break up fractions of larger diameter that fall into the hopper.

Touch control system
High level of automation is achieved by the new touch screen control system. The display has an intuitive touch screen interface, where all algorithms have been carefully calibrated and tested.
Use different types of fuel
FACI coal boilers can use different types of fuel. The boilers allow to use coal and pellets of any quality. In addition, it is possible to use wood as a reserve fuel.
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