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Pellet boiler FACI 645

Full control of all functions
of the boiler from your smartphone
Modern control system from a smartphone
Fuel hopper from 1000 liters
The safest fuel system
Heat resistant safety casing
Burner with replaceable pixels
High efficiency of 93%
Touch control system
Use pellets of any sort
  • Heat output capacity645 kW
  • Hopper capacity1000 l
  • FuelPellets, firewood, fraction coal up to 25 mm
  • Boiler dimensions with side hopper LxWхH2990 x 3586 x 2950 mm
  • Boiler dimensions with the rear location of the hopper LxWhD4175 x 1865 x 2950 mm
  • Chimney diameter380 mm
  • Weight3655 kg
Fuel Usage:
Choose a configuration:
Scope of supply:
Wi-Fi and Ethernet Internet module
Smartphone control
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Scope of supply:
Auto ignition
GSM module
Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet module
Smartphone control
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Scope of supply:
Auto ignition
GSM module
Auto-cleaning of the heat exchanger
Smoke aspirator (smoke evacuator)
Wi-Fi and Ethernet internet module
Smartphone control
Automatic ash removal
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Pellet (granule) boiler - heating boiler, which as fuel uses wood fuel pellets (pellets), pressed on a special press (pelletizer) from wood chips, sawdust and other residues from the woodworking industry.

The combustion chamber of these boilers is relatively small, because the main heat removal occurs in a well-developed multi-way convective part of the boiler (up to 70%). As a result of this design of the pellet boiler, the temperature of the flue gases is only 100-200 °C. The boiler is equipped with a special pellet burner of volumetric type, which provides a higher efficiency of the boiler during combustion of pellets, than other categories of solid fuel boilers, and is comparable in efficiency with boilers on natural gas.

Boiler description

The FACI boilers are:

The boiler design, which has proven itself to be
as the most reliable in Europe
The FACI boilers are:
The authentic
control system
All the boilers are equipped with the Italian boiler control system, which works without faults and errors
heat-resistant case
The body of the boiler is not heated, so it is absolutely safe for small children and animals
Excellent quality
welding and assembly
The series boilers are manufactured by means of robotized welding complexes, which improves the quality of welding and boiler assembly
High efficiency - 93%
The design of the boilers is constantly being improved by Italian heat engineering specialists
Use different types of fuel
FACI pellet boilers can use different types of fuel. The boilers allow to use pellets of any quality. In addition, it is possible to use wood as a reserve fuel.
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