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You and I know that heating with coal is profitable and affordable for everyone. But there is a stereotype that coal heating is full of ash and dirt. With the FACI BLACK we're changing the perception that coal heating is dirty and showing you that coal heating can be clean.

We made this boiler in the home of the white metal industry. We already know how to make metal in white coats. And we've learned how to heat with coal in a clean way. We call it #whiteheating.

For us, FACHI BLACK is not just a business. Each of us, just like any other person, deep down, wants to do good in this world.

#whiteheating is what people really need today, in difficult times. That's why we are not afraid to break stereotypes.

Connecting in a few minutes

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that connecting the boiler is a complex process inaccessible to the average user. 

But you have to get used to a good thing! Therefore, we and FACI BLACK continue to break stereotypes and made the process of connecting the boiler clear and convenient.

About this in detail will tell and show the head of the service department of the Factory FACI-RUS Koptyakov Pavel.

Starting a coal boiler FACI BLACK - it's easy and simple!

The designers of the plant have thought through the technology of starting the boiler so that absolutely everyone can cope with it.

However, see for yourself.

The unique features of the boiler operation

The video contain such items as:

  • Removing the burner and installing it back;
  • installation of the gate to block the coal in the hopper;
  • revision of the auger.

Sensor control system

The high level of automation is achieved by the new touchscreen control system in Russian. The display has an intuitive interface, where all algorithms are carefully calibrated and tested.

FACI BLACK for home and industry