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FACI FSS —Italy's finest traditions

Wood chips are one of the cheapest types of fuel.

Heating with wood chips is several times more profitable than other fuels.

That is why wood chips boilers FACI FSS are actively used for heating industrial and office premises, as well as they are installed by many heating companies for heating municipal and residential facilities.

Thanks to the innovative developments of the FACI engineering team, the FACI FSS wood chip boiler is deservedly considered the boiler of the latest generation.

The boiler base and burner have been completely redesigned as part of the modernization. Thanks to the new developments, the flame intensity can now be controlled and the temperature controlled in a more flexible way. Thus we achieved maximum boiler efficiency with minimum fuel consumption.

The twin-screw fuel feeder of the boiler is now equipped with two independently controlled reducers. This makes it possible to control each screw separately and achieve maximum safety from fuel burning in the bunker.

Also, the hopper tedder has been modernized, which eliminates any blockages. which ensures an even fuel supply.

A lot of work has been done to improve the control panel and controller. The technicians will definitely appreciate it when starting and setting up the boiler.

Boiler features
The high level of automation is achieved by the new touchscreen control system in Russian. The display has an intuitive interface, where all algorithms are carefully calibrated and tested.
Сенсорная система управления
Высокий уровень автоматизации  достигаемый за счет новой сенсорной системы управления на русском языке. Дисплей имеет сенсорный интуитивно понятный интерфейс на русском языке, где все алгоритмы тщательно выверены и протестированы.
FACI FSS boilers

are represented by a range of capacities from 115 to 1000 kW

The main fuel is wood chips GOST 15815-83 C-2: C-3; GP-1; GP-2; GP-3: PV and pellets. Experimentally it is allowed to use wood chips with other characteristics or any other fractional biofuel.

Sawdust can be used as additional fuel for chip boilers with the volume not exceeding 30% of the volume of the main fuel. There is also a manual mode "wood". At the request of the customer the boiler can be equipped with an additional vibro hopper with capacity of 8.5 mЗ. which provides automatic fuel supply by the signal of fuel level sensors installed in the main operational hopper.

For reference: we ourselves use FACI FSS 215 for heating our plant. During the season, our boiler consumes 500 mZ chips - that's 368,500 rubles, including delivery (11 cars at 45 mZ. 80 km).

Gas holder capacity of 200 kW would require 54 000 liters per year. the cost per liter 15 rubles, and that without delivery. The cost would be 810 000 rubles. At the same time saving 810 000 - 368 500 - 441 500 rubles. That is the total payback of the boiler is 1.5-2 seasons.

That's how much we save annually, that's how much you can save.

FACI FSS for home and industry